Letter From PDIC

Dear Dive Professional

As a dive training facility owner, you need and expect from the certification agency you are associated with, good training materials at a fair price, teaching liability insurance, updated and new program planning, plus the ability for you to easily contact the agency by telephone and talk to a human being.

It would also be very nice if the training organization had the staff employees with the experience in operating a facility such as yours in the real world, so they could discuss with and advise you in a knowledgeable manner when you have a questions.

Some certification agency representatives may even tell you that your business will increase if you do business with them. The first good advice that PDIC can give is that the only one that can make your business successful is YOU. The proof of that statement is in the fact all training agencies have some facilities that are successful, some mediocre and some that are failing. Let me repeat, that the one that is going to make your business successful is YOU.

The dive industry is going through many changes. Manufactures, magazines and even training agencies buying each other out, or in other words “MERGING”. Some certification agencies are planning, or already have major changes in dive training procedures.

Change can be both good and bad. Everybody is trying to increase market share and I keep hearing the statement “we have to make learning to dive easier”. If the statement means access to “learning to dive”, I agree. If the statement means lowering “training standards”, I can’t agree. It is not difficult to learn to use diving equipment today and if the student can’t meet today’s minimum standards for learning to dive, perhaps they shouldn’t be involved in diving. Increasing market share by turning out poorly trained divers won’t work. Instead of lowering training standards, lets try to increase the market share by making diving more interesting, more exciting and an activity that people want to become involved in. “AND STAY INVOLVED”….the only one who can do that is YOU.

PDIC as a training organization can offer you all the aforementioned things- plus PDIC is committed to teaching safe, comfortable divers who will purchase equipment from you.

Sincerely yours,

K. Mel Murphy

Training Director


March 2017
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